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Tax Caravan: Pljevlja and Berane

News 27/03/2017
Tax Caravan: Pljevlja and Berane

Eleventh meeting as part of the campaign “Tax Caravan” took place today in the Municipality of Berane and gathered entrepreneurs and companies form Berane, Plav, Rozaje, Petnjica, Gusinje and Andrijevica. Tax Caravan has been realised in March for central and northern region of Montenegro while the next round of meetings will be held in May in the south of the country.

The discussion was an opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies to get answers to questions related to compliance with taxation requirements and to clarify potential doubts regarding taxation legislation. They also had a chance to gain information about the provisions of a Law on Reprogramming of Tax Claims and the advantages of electronic submission of tax applications.

The tenth meeting within the campaign attended by entrepreneurs and companies from Pljevlja and Zabljak, was held in the Municipality of Pljevlja on March 21st 2017.

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