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Services for members

MEF protects general and specific rights and interests of its members, especially:

  • In the area of labor and social protection legislation
  • In relations with state and administrative authorities, local governments and trade unions
  • In the area of collective bargaining and conclusion of collective agreements, as well as in labor disputes

For its members, MEF provides:

  • High-quality business information on regulations and legal acts important for business operations
  • Advocating in relation to Government, trade unions and other administrative authorities, other domestic and foreign institutions and organizations
  • Legal advices free of charge
  • Privileged access to workshops and round tables as well as the opportunity to have them organized according to member’s needs.
  • the opportunity to place the link to their website and/or a brief presentation of their company at MEF website
  • the opportunity to get discounts and participate in the project of mutual solidarity of MEF members named “Employers for employers”
  • the opportunity to be directly involved in the largest global network of employers that gathers 145 employers organizations, members of IOE (International Organization of Employers)
  • the opportunity to participate in international events, fairs and business forums
  • the opportunity to familiarize with EU standards and regulations
  • the opportunity to make a special agreement with MEF Professional Service and get other services according to the specific needs of your company.

Being an organization that gathers SMEs and entrepreneurs in the country, representing them globally, MEF is recognized as an independent voice of Montenegrin business.

Be in connection with MEF.

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