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MEF has been a representative employers’ organization in Montenegro since 2005. MEF strongly cooperates with International Labor Organization (ILO) following its principles and standards in daily operations. MEF is a member of:

  • IOE – International Organization of Employers
  • Business Europe – Association of European employers’ organizations.

MEF is an observer member of BIAC since 2015 and a co-founder of AREC (Adriatic Region Employers Centre).

MEF is a member of national Social Council, and is specifically active in the process of founding social councils at local level.

MEF founded an Association of Business Women and helped foundation of other employers’ associations at local and sector level.

MEF has formed Coordination bodies for cooperation with Tax Administration, Customs Administration and Ministry of Economy as well as a Working body with Directorate for Anti-Corruption Initiative.

MEF is a signatory of a series of agreements and protocols of cooperation with numerous institutions and organizations, local governments, university units, companies and other entities in Montenegro.

MEF cooperates with numerous employers’ organizations, international forums and bodies and other entities at international level. Cooperation agreements are signed with Slovenian Employers Organization (ZDS), Serbian Employers Association (UPS), Croatian Employers Association (HUP), Association of Employers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (APBIH), Confederation of Employers of Macedonia (CERM) and Albania (KOPSH), with Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, Association "Italia Opera", Maltese Employers Association…

MEF signed a United Nations strategic initiative for enterprises – UN Global Compact.

For the purpose of macroeconomic stability and correct industrial relations, MEF signed a Memorandum with Government and Trade Union on social partnership in the circumstance of global economic crisis.

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