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MEF met with Minister of Education

News 18/01/2017
MEF met with Minister of Education

Education system should be meeting the needs of business through realisation of a series of joint activities is the conclusion of today's meeting held between MEF headed by Svetlana Vuksanovic, MEF President and Dr Damir Sehovic, the Minister.

The meeting focused on having the education system respond to labour market needs, resulting in educated staff equipped with practical skills and competences which will ultimately made them competitive at Montenegrin labour market and wider. Meeting participants agreed that, having in mind the complexity of the problem, it was necessary to determine the activities in the short, middle and long run.

In the area of practical education organisation, it was noted that the amendments to the set of education laws planned for this year would arrange the issue in a more precise way considering the most appropriate models of public-private partnership realisation.

MEF representatives accepted the invitation to intensively and actively participate in the process of identification of labour market needs for certain profiles. As one of the possibilities the feasibility of which will be considered is the increased number of state scholarships for students who decide to educate for shortage occupations. Especially highlighted is the need for continuous communication with wider public in terms of presentation of possibilities for employment and starting a business offered to those young people who had chosen to enrol to occupation profiles within VET schools.

Minister Sehovic presented the plan of the Ministry to deal with the quality of accredited providers of adult education, professional qualifications and foreign languages in the coming period.

The meeting was concluded with agreement on continuous communication between the Ministry and the MEF with an aim to overcome identified problems.

Adpted from the Ministry of Education website.

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