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Almost 90% of companies recorded a decline in revenue

News 15/03/2021
Almost 90% of companies recorded a decline in revenue

Revenues of Montenegrin companies were dramatically affected in the second half of 2020, so almost 90 percent of companies recorded a decline in revenues compared to the same period in 2019.

This was shown by a new survey of the Montenegrin Employers’ Federation (MEF), published in the MEF Report Navigating the COVID-19 crisis: Evolving challenges, needs and expectations of Montenegrin enterprises. The research was conducted in cooperation with the International Labor Organization (ILO).

On this occasion, MEF held a press conference where it presented the new Report, published with the technical support of the ILO. The participants of the event were the President of the MEF, Mr. Predrag Mitrović, the National Coordinator of the ILO in Montenegro, Ms. Nina Krgović, and the expert on the project of the MEF and the ILO, Mr. Radivoje Drobnjak.

The research was conducted in October and November 2020, through an online survey on a sample of 312 business entities (micro, small and medium enterprises and large enterprises in Montenegro), as well as through in-depth interviews conducted during December 2020.

Note: Material from the event (photos, video) can be downloaded from the website of the PR Center.

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